TradFi to DeFi partners with Gamut Exchange for Product & User Testing Services

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3 min readDec 13, 2022

Elite Tests for Emerging Tech

TradFi to DeFi (, a web3 community, DAO, and DeFi project incubator, has announced a partnership with Gamut (, an innovative automated market maker launching on Kava.

Gamut will be the first entity to receive TradFi to DeFi’s protocol testing and analysis services through this partnership. Participants will interact with Gamut throughout the test period, collocating the collective interactions into actionable feedback.

TradFi to DeFi’s professional testing and analysis services offer cutting-edge DeFi protocols robust feedback from an incentivized group of users, helping to optimize their products for mainstream adoption. As the world transitions towards decentralized finance, web3 projects need a trusted partner to help navigate the difficult task of building seamless user experiences.

“We are very excited to partner with Gamut,” said Tyler Sherwin, Co-Founder of TradFi to DeFi. “Their weighted automated market making technology brings a new twist to the decentralized exchange model. At TradFi to DeFi, we are focused on mainstreaming digital asset innovation with actionable insights on cutting edge tech. In the case of Gamut Exchange, they exemplify a leap forward in financial innovation. We are proud to be a part of the pre-launch review process and look forward to additional opportunities with Daniele and his amazing team.”

“Collaborating with engaged and professional communities during the pre-launch phase remains one of the most important early steps in bringing an awesome product to market,” said Daniele Wittich, Founder of Gamut Exchange. “We’re excited to partner with TradFi to DeFi. They’re one of the industry’s most professional and objectively-minded communities, and their focus on aiding wider DeFi adoption through education and collaboration helps the entire crypto ecosystem.”

Gamut Exchange will launch on January 1st, 2023 on Kava. For more information about Gamut, please contact

About TradFi to DeFi:

TradFi to DeFi is a web3 onboarding community that helps people transition from Traditional Finance (TradFi) to the emerging world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). They bring crypto to the next level of adoption through community-driven events like podcasts, regular social events, and community-focused partnership opportunities with exciting new crypto projects. Their new protocol testing and analysis service allows members to engage with DeFi protocols before they hit the main net, presenting an opportunity to gain relevant industry experience. And cutting edge crypto projects can gain valuable insights from community feedback by signing up for protocol reviews by TradFi to DeFi.

To participate in future protocol tests, or submit your project for consideration, please submit an inquiry here.

About Gamut:

Gamut takes the provably possible and blends it with the power of potential, taking tried-and-tested DeFi concepts and deploying them as building blocks for the next generation of decentralized financial tools. Gamut Exchange, our flagship product, reimagines algorithmic market-making and maximizes profits for traders and liquidity providers by overlapping their interests. This tool places the rational economic incentives of those involved into an algorithmic framework that blends existing technologies with proprietary interrelations purpose-built by Gamut. In this way, Gamut cuts through the noise and fluff and builds decentralized applications to stand the test of time.

Stay tuned for details on Gamut’s upcoming launch by following them on Twitter.



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