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5 min readDec 3, 2022


Progress update

Today’s article continues our weekly progress updates for the DAO Punks grant process! Previous updates for weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4 can be accessed here or via the TradFi to DeFi Medium. Again special shout-out to Ray for his excellent summary!

TL;DR Summary

We’re officially working with Gamut, a nascent DeFi automated market maker. (There will be a special press release soon, so stay tuned!) You can sign up to test the protocol, and we’re really excited about what this opportunity means for our community:

  • Hands-on DeFi product testing experience
  • Early access to emerging DeFi products
  • Networking opportunities with incentivized communities of high-performing professionals
  • Growing the TradFi to DeFi community and DAO

This step is the first in the rapidly forming TradFi to DeFi revenue generation strategy. Massive progress has been made thus far, and we have even more exciting things planned for the remainder of the year and the first parts of next year!

Gamut Engaged

We revealed in the previous community update that we’ve entered into a discussion with Gamut, a nascent DeFi protocol that minimizes impermanent loss for liquidity providers. We’re pleased to announce that we’re now formally engaged with Gamut as the first protocol to receive TradFi to Defi’s protocol review and analysis services! The quick turnaround between concept drafting and engagement shows the immense connections and potential of the TradFi to DeFi community. TradFi to DeFi will also be listed as a Trusted Partner on the Gamut website, helping to highlight our growing presence as a representation of quality and professionalism in the industry.

A signup form is now live, where willing community members can volunteer some of their time over the coming weeks to explore and review the Gamut protocol (new community members are encouraged to apply as well!). Testers can engage with the protocol at whatever times best fit their schedule, so long as they do so within the allotted time for testing. Whether you’re a DeFi power user or just learning the ins and outs of decentralized swaps, this is a great opportunity to explore a new up-and-coming protocol before it hits the mainstream!

The process will involve a two-week testing period, during which testers will engage with the protocol and collocate feedback and experiences. Don’t worry, we’ll be providing a form and framework on which to base your feedback, making it both straightforward for testers and modular for Gamut. All in all, we’re incredibly excited to get started! Make sure to fill out the form (it takes less than seven minutes), and don’t miss your chance to participate in this flagship opportunity.

Elite Tests for Emerging Tech

Product testers are asked to share feedback about cutting-edge products and protocols reviewed by TradFi to DeFi. These protocols will come in all shapes and sizes, including but not limited to DeFi protocols, Fintech platforms, crypto wallets, GameFi environments, and anything in between. Constructive and thoughtful feedback is highly sought after for protocols in the pre-launch stage. Incentive programs can lead to quantity, but not many quality reviews. That’s where TradFi to DeFi comes in.

Together, we can make a major difference in the development of financial technology. As the world transitions from TradFi to DeFi, you, dear reader, have the opportunity to play a meaningful role in that journey. We’re building the first dedicated, professional, decentralized team of protocol testers to provide actionable feedback and supplementary documentation before protocols go live, providing teams with the feedback they need to build the amazing protocols the industry deserves.

Why Test, Ser?

We understand that your time is incredibly valuable, and we want to ensure that this process benefits everyone involved. This opportunity represents the perfect, near-zero barrier to entry for anyone looking for industry experience in crypto and DeFi. Whether you add product tester to your resume or use the experience as a foot in the door within your network, industry experience in DeFi translates to a leg up over the potential competition.

Another advantage of this opportunity is the chance to gain early access to DeFi protocols before they launch on mainnet. Early access means early alpha, and that’s a great way to stay ahead of the crowd and keep your ear to the ground about the latest and greatest happening in DeFi. Additionally, by participating as a product tester, you can qualify for any airdrops that result from being an early user. TradFi to DeFi has done similar events like this in the past, most notably with the Pangolin exchange on Avalanche.

As a product and user tester for TradFi to DeFi, you’ll have certain rights, privileges, responsibilities, and expectations. As such, we expect a high degree of professionalism and commitment from all who participate. Of course, you don’t need to test while wearing a suit and tie, but all feedback should be constructive, candid, and thorough. With all that in mind, we’re incredibly excited to share this flagship opportunity with the community!

Beyond Bullish

To say that we’re bullish on TradFi to DeFi is an understatement. Beyond that, we’re bullish on good relationships with great people spread over time. The last few months have proven defining for TradFi to DeFi. Rather than crumble under the weight of a flailing market, we’re more active than ever, building and meeting new and amazing people each week.

It was recently shared that how you do anything is how you do everything, and a major shout to Dustin for this insightful wisdom. This belief meshes perfectly with how we’re kicking off this new era for the community. As we onboard product testers and formalize this exciting venture, we’re seeking to deliver outsized value, insights, and opportunities at every turn for the protocols and those who test them.

Here’s to growing the industry by providing deep value to this currently underserved segment of the crypto market! Onwards and upwards!

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